an old Danish Deckchair in the garden

The Danish lounger from the 30ties

An afternoon in the summer, I visited my friends.
An old lounger was standing in the garden underneath a fruit tree. It just stood there, quietly accepting the sunshine,
which penetrated the branches of the tree and placed itself upon the open chair.

The old lounger is from the 30s and it is made of rattan, which is a very sturdy and at the same time light organic
material. The durability is saying everything as the old chair has passed the age of 70.

Once it was used at hospitals and sanatoria, where people went to recuperate. The nurses took the lounger in one
hand and the patient in the other, while helping the sick person outside to enjoy a bit of sun and fresh air. Rattan
does not weigh much and the lounger is easy to carry around.

The lounger blends with the nature. It fits everywhere. In a garden, on the beach, on a balcony. Beautiful and simple
and at the same time not showy. You can have a nap and afterwards the chair can be folded up and stored. Or the
footrest can be bend underneath the seat and it can be used as a regular chair. It must have been a gift for the
patients, who were allowed to come outside.

When I first saw it, I instantly knew that I wanted a similar one and I was searching for it everywhere, without luck.
I decided to create one and put it into production.

One of the last basket makers in Denmark, is called Knud. He helped making a prototype. We made a few changes
compared to the old one. It had to be stronger, as people nowadays are larger.

Indonesia is the country of rattan. Here the lounger is made. Handmade, the way they usually do it. The same way
as the old lounger once was made in Denmark.

It’s called Liggestolen, means “the lounger”.

The lounger can last for more than a life time. Be ware of it.

Mette Munk Plum

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