TivoliOne is the chair from Tivoli


Since the 1950s, it was used at the famous Restaurant Groften in Tivoli in Copenhagen.
If you go into the inner restaurant, you can still find several photos with the chair on.

It has been the basis of many magnificent evenings. The chair does not take up much space,
which is a great advantage when there are many people seated around the table – there is
always room for one more.
Besides the chair is very comfortable to sit in, and as we all know, it’s of great importance for
a good party to be well-seated.

So we took the chair down from its nail and send it out to the parties again.

The new chair is similar to the old original one. The only difference is that we have extended
the legs with a few centimetres as people are taller nowadays.

We call it TivoliOne.

It is good to sit in.
It is simple in its design.
It is very light, and you can lift it with only one hand.

TivoliOne is handmade of untreated, raw rattan. Most of all it is simply good - looking and fits

TivoliOne – The One from Tivoli.


Enjoying life and TivoliOne.

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