Come Chair

Come Chair is a cozy and comfortable armchair, made of organic rattan. Here you can lean back your neck, have a rest, read a book, or watch TV.
The design of Come chair is inspired of the Danish furniture from the 40s, although Come chair is an armchair, which is totally it’s own.
Design: Mette Munk Plum

Height:     89 cm
Width :     63 cm
Depth:      80 cm

Come chair is handmade from unpolished, natural rattan with respect for the old Danish traditions. The simple production combined with the raw rattan makes every chair individual. Small irregularities will occur, giving each piece it’s own unique look.

Rattan is a very strong and long-lasting organic material. It barely weighs anything, which makes the chair very easy to move around.

The rattan, we use, is the best quality, a sort called Manau.

Rattan is sustainable, when cut down, it quickly grows up again.

Come chair can be used outside as well as inside. Avoid heavy rain and store inside in a dry place during the winter.

Cleaning and treatment: A shower a year is good, or lukewarm water with soapflakes. Whip the flakes in the water and dry off the chair with the suds from the soap. The soap will leave a protective film on the chair.


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