Liggestolen is the original Danish lounger, made from rattan.
In the 1930’s the lounger was used at Danish hospitals and sanatoria, where people went to recuperate.
The lounger can be folded up and it’s easy to move around. It can be used everywhere. Indoor as outdoors.
If you want to use the lounger as an armchair, you can fold the footrest under the seat.
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Length: 200 cm
Width of seat: 55 cm
Height to seat: 35 cm


The Danish lounger, called Liggestolen, is handmade from unpolished rattan with respect for the old Danish traditions. The simple production combined with the raw rattan makes every lounger individual. Small irregularities will occur giving each piece it’s own unique look.

Rattan is a very strong and durable organic material.Furthermore it’s a very light material, it weighs almost nothing, which makes it easy to move the chair around.

The rattan, we use, is the best quality, a sort called Manau.

Rattan is sustainable, when cut down, it quickly grows up again.

Liggestolen loves the sun and tolerates a light shower. When it really rains it’s a good idea to keep it under cover. Store inside, in a dry space during the winter.
Over the years the lounger will get a warmer more golden colour. If used outside it becomes more greyish.

Treatment: Stir soap flakes in lukewarm water, and wipe the chair with a wrung out cloth and the foam from the soap water. The soap will leave a protective film on the chair.


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